Why We Should Clean Our Own Home - It Will Improve Your Health and Save Plenty of MOney

I recently started reading a book about how we should maximize our limited time on earth and do what we are meant to do and outsource certain tasks to others who are more suited to do them - let coders who are better at it than we are, let someone else walk our dogs, or clean our homes.  While I believe the idea certainly has merits, it is not for everyone. Not in the beginning anyway.  Plus, there are things that we should do ourselves like walking my own dog (I don't own one).  And as for cleaning one's home, I do believe that unless you live in a mansion, you should take time to at least tidy up your place on a regular basis even if you are a high power attorney, doctor, or, you know, me.  

Let's start at the beginning.  I'm not good at cleaning my own house.  I do it from time to time when inspired but for years I did not do it on a regular basis.  Fast forward to years later and what happened?  I now clean my house on a regular basis.  Every two weeks or so.  What changed?

Well, I forced myself to do it because a home should be a home that is clean and a place you find comfort and security.  A house or an apartment or owned or rent, a home is where you come back to in order to recharge.  Hence, I decided I need to treat it well and keep it clean.  But more than that, there are reasons for you to do this yourself.

Health -Physical and Mental

You want to clean your house, a few hours on a weekend to vacuum or clean the floor.  Dust.  Declutter. Clean the kitchen and stove. Wipe this or that down.  All of that adds up to you walking around the house and moving your arms and body.  That's right - it is exercise.  You are moving your arms when you are sweeping or wiping down the floor.  You're expending calories and using your muscles when you clean the shower, toilet, and sinks. 

So expect to feel exhausted, even more in parts of your body.  This is exactly like the soreness and pain you feel after going on a run or workout at the gym. 

Of course, a clean home also means less dust or anything that collects inside your home that could cause you allergies or other health problems.  

Then there is the mental aspect of you cleaning the house yourself.  Not only is the house cleaner, your mind will feel the same as well.  There is also a sense of accomplishment - that you have spent time doing something productive. Something to build on for the rest of the weekend.  


Here at Poopy Pond, we talk about gardening, sustainability, and life in general just like this article.  And on aspect of life is that I am trying to build a routine that allows me to be as productive as possible.  By cleaning my house every other week or so, I have built a routine. I've also started cleaning here and there through the week so that my major house cleaning is not overwhelming. 

I have entirely shifted in how I see things.  By doing things on a regular basis and planning ahead, I have found that I have more time than I would otherwise have had.  It has improved many other aspects of my life.

Cleaning my house has elevated from a chore that has to be done to something I look forward to. 

Better For Your Wallet

Paying someone to clean your house seems like it is something more and more people do now.  They tell themselves that they have better things to do with that time - more time for other accomplishments, more time with that family, and so on.  I used to believe that but I found that those are just excuses.  I was just lazy and I could afford someone to come every two to three weeks to do that.  

And one rational I have heard about hiring someone to do this for you is that you are giving someone else the chance to earn a living.  Let's just say that my earning potential was not all that much greater than my former cleaning lady.  

I'm saving more now that I am doing what I should have done from the beginning.  And the savings really adds up year after year.  

There are a couple of unexpected aspect of spending a couple of hours cleaning that I had not anticipated.  I got time to think about things.  About life, work, and what I want to doing with my projects like writing.  It has been very positive.  Also, I enjoy audiobooks and podcasts and I was able to catch up on a lot of "reading" and listening to my favorite shows.

So, maybe you can get someone else do clean your home.  Maybe you can do a major cleaning once or twice a year. If that works for you, great.  But if you decide after reading this and feel like you want to start taking on the responsibility of keeping and cleaning your home, I wish you the best.  You'll get a lot out of it.  I am certain that you will.


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