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You Only Need A Couple of Hours A Day To Be Successful - Coding or Anything You Want to Master

 I'm listening to a podcast from - they walked about micro successes that help build up to when you are ready to work.   Now, if you're like me, you have a regular job.   With my writing, I write a little here and there.  I steal minutes through the day to do what I can.  It's not ideal.  But sometimes, it is all I have.  And I try to make the most of it. For the last three weeks, I have been doing something that I should have done years ago.  It turned out that I have managed to put in an hour’s worth of it every day.  Imagine if I keep this up for the last five years.  At the rate of an hour a day and not including weekends when I am able to spend more time on it, it comes out to be about 1,800 hours.   I’m talking about coding.  I started with Swift and now I’m onto Python as well.  I found Python to be easier but about a week ago, I started up using Playgrounds on the iPad, Apple’s app to teach the fundamentals of coding to children and even adults via a game.  And I’m