Old school

Bringing it old school. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged what we know about about normal and therefore, it has brought on many changes.  Hopefully, the changes we are experiencing are temporary, whiles others are permanent. I will not focus on the temporary changes but on that I feel should be permanent. 

Family time, for some families is the norm been going strong even before this pandemic. My wife would try and implement family game nights years before the pandemic. It would last a couple of weeks or maybe even a month, then life happens. 

This past weekend during a three day holiday weekend, my wife asked me to play a game of Risk with my kids. I actually dreaded it. I dreaded because meant reading the instructions, explaining the rules, and referring back to it during the game.  All that would take extend the game. Before you call me lazy just remember that our sporadic family game nights happened years ago.  I want to also admit that I do not have the patience of Mother Theresa. 

But as the game progressed we familiarize ourselves with some of the rules of the game,  but not all. It realized something, I am hanging out with my two boys, who normally would have been glued to their devices playing or watch who knows what.   We were spending time, disconnected from devices and reconnected as a father and his two boys. This is the change caused by the pandemic that I hope is permanent. The credit goes to my wife who bought the games and started the hard work of getting the kids in glued from all electronics even for an hour or two. The memories made in that short period of time will last a life time. It has brought back memories from when I was a kid playing board games with my brothers doing friends. The great take away is I learned to be patience, and to be more present with my kids. 


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