On the morning of Christmas, I found out that I had COVID-19. I had some but not all of the symptoms. The symptom that concerned me the most was the breathing, soreness in chest. 
So, today December 31, 2020, I received an oximeter, which my wife ordered through Amazon. It was recommended by the urgent care doctor, whom I had a Zoom meeting with.  He was telling me if my oxygen saturation percentage was 93% or higher but had trouble breathing I should probably come into Urgent care. On the other hand if my oxygen saturation level was below 93% and I had trouble breathing, then I would need to make a trip to the hospital.  Of course, I do not need a machine to tell me that I am having trouble breathing (if there is such a machine). I mean, I can just tell that I am having a shortness of breath, right? 
What I cannot tell is the oxygen saturation level in my blood.  How do I know if I need to go to the hospital,  urgent care, or simply stay at home? 
I could always rely on my gut feeling and make the decision on my own.  The state of our state and country means I need to be more informed about my condition and also I do not waste precious ICU spaces, and resources. 

There are two products the Apple Watch 6 and this guess that’s for the other one is having a oximeter that’s probably available at any pharmacy stores not sure how much it cost. I might just have to Google it later but the but in any case so yeah I was just the shortness of breath and coughing my two main concerns.  So how was I supposed to know whether or not I need to go to the emergency room or urgent care? So my lovely wife ordered  me an oximeter from Amazon. This little gadget will tell me whether or not I need to go to the ER or to urgent care based on the oxygen reading and obviously how I feel about a breath so I’m going to give us a try and it comes in a nice cool little nifty little bag because of instruction manual for this particular one is measured your pulse rate can blood oxygen saturation. And it’s made by a company called the one with think they made it but I’ve been so through a company called Clinical Guard. 

So what does this Pulse oximeter 50 DL come with. What comes with the oximeter is a little black car here in case it comes with the red and white lanyard, two AAA batteries in and silicone armor. The armor is a great thing to have but hopefully I don’t drop it.  It also comes with an option carrying case which as another lanyard.  While typing this article I installed the batteries inserted my finger in the oximeter to get my first reading. My first reading my pulse (not that great) was 74 beats per minute, and blood oxygen saturation percentage of 97%.  

So, once I am done and over with COVID-19, what would I possibly need with an oximeter? Well, the next time I do another Zoom meeting with my doctor, I can at least measure my pulse and blood oxygen saturation percentages.


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