Tips That Might Do More Harm Than Good

 By Sarcast

I’ve read all sort of neat and cool tips on the Internet.  I’ve bookmarked them for later reference or used them if I find them so useful that I could not wait a moment longer to implement them.  A few involved cleaning the kitchen stove, getting buildup from my glasses, or reusing items in ways I did not think off.  MacGyger things, you know?  And then there are tips that are petty interesting and right up the alley of Poopy Pond but then I have to think twice before trying them.

The one I’m talking about is this one here where you can bury a bottle water in the ground to help you water your plants and save water at the same time.  You can cap the water bottle to prevent water loss through evaporation.  The water is inches deep underground that further prevents water loss and the roots of the plants happily hydrated.  

I’m definitely going to try a variation of this.  Variation?  Yeah, see the thing is that I’m not sure burying plastic bottles in the ground is such a good idea.  You know, the natural degradation of the bottle and the absorption of plastic particles into the ground and eventually having more micro plastic particles flowing about is something I’m not very keen on.  It is not as we don’t have enough plastic flowing around in the ocean, our water supplies, and pretty much everywhere.  

So I got to talking about it with the editor of Poopy Pond and he suggested something I did not think of.  Ceramics.  I think that could work.  I would need to know how it would work.  There will be plenty of Goolging on my part to find a solution to implement this water saving feature while also find alternative solutions.  

So if you come across a DIY solution , feel free to go a step beyond it and modify it for an even better solution.  And also really consider if it is really helpful beyond the immediate purpose of the DIY solution.  In this case with the water bottle in the ground, using an alternative container offers the same result while not making the environment any worse off.


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