Use help.

Use help when it is available. 

There times when we cannot do it all, unless you are alone then you might have to get creative. This article is for folks that have to get past the occasional brain fart and pride. 

It is a brand new year, my wife and I have three kids. We wanted to rearrange their their rooms and make it as permanent as possible so we did away with kiddie furnitures, and bunk beds. 

So, we have a twin/ full size bunk bed that was occupying one of the rooms we wanted to to rearrange. My wife put the bunk bed on Craig's List and had several inquiries.  Some of the folks who inquired about the bunk bed flaked, except for one. We had made arrangements for the sale and pick up of the bunk bed. 

The night before the scheduled meet up time, I was taking apart the bed. I had my eleven year old son (middle son) help me.  My son was done unscrewing his portion of the bed where the horizontal bed frame attaches to the vertical leg frame.  The bed frame and leg opposite (diagonally from my son) was held loosed by a screw. I was had finished taking apart my portion of the bed opposite of my son. I was holding the leg (attaches to both the twin and full size bed) vertically with a portion of my arm and the loose bolt. I thought it was enough to keep the leg vertical, but as my son had finished taking out the screws. The bed frame dropped and what happened next was unexpected.  The leg I was holding up tipped over.  The metal piece where the screw inserts into broke off as a result. 

I was disappointed in myself because I had ruined a very nice bunk bed. I recalled that when I had first assembled the bunk bed recruited my older son to assist me. He would help me by holding up the legs. He kept the legs steady as I screwed in the twin and full size bed frames.  Why did I not do the same?  I was too focused on taking the bed apart so we could clean and install a new bed for my eleven year son. My six year old daughter it helped me  build portions of my Lego Nintendo Entertainment System, was in the room and eager to help. The leg was light enough for her to hold steady,  as my son took the screws out.  She could still hold it upright when when the bed frame dropped    8-10 inches. 

I allowed my lack of foresight and pride to blind me. I did not use help when it was available. The important take away is I have learned my lesson. Pride is bad and I think it is inherent in all people. You may disagree with me but in my case I ruined a perfectly good bunk bed that now I have trouble getting people to buy. 

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