Toilet seat covers

 Toilet seat covers.



There are many wonders in this little beautiful blue planet of our that hold little secrets. Are you, like me curious, about what secrets everyday products will reveal? For the longest time I have wondered about that little pocket sewn into my pair of jeans. I have seriously pondered it’s secrets. I would ask questions like,  “Why is it there?”, and “What is it used for?”.  Right now there are more pressing issues than little pockets. There are websites that will reveal the “why’s” in products we use everyday or use sometimes. 


What I want to talk about is toilet seat covers. I do not mean seat covers that you wrap your toilet seats to keep your tushy nice and warm. I am talking about the paper toilet seat covers at work or any public places. The questions I have are not about whether you should use them, or does it really protect your bottom from little tiny critters from other people’s nether regions and unspeakable.  


My questions are, how do you place them on the toilet seat. Do I place it with the flap towards the front of the toilet bowl? Or should I place it with the flap towards the back?  Even when I have decided on the orientation of the toilet seat cover, should the flap be flipped up so that it sits on top of the seat? Or should the flap simply be left hanging down inside the toilet.  As you can see, my curiosity as lead me ponder on several of life’s not so important questions.


Flap is front and down
Flap is back and down

Well, you may said does it really matter?  Should the flap be forward, backward, up, or down?  What is the correct question.  Quite honestly I have not done an exhaustive search of the internet to answer my questions, and I probably should.  I have been to websites like wikiHow, how how to use a toilet seat cover.  If you go to their link at, you can see the picture in which the flap of the toilet seat is forward and down.  Now, if you go to Tylt at their website,, there are people just as confused me.  Now just because one view is more popular than the the other does not necessarily make it correct.  


Personally, I have for the longest time been putting the flap back and down.  It has always worked for me, except on occasions when I really have to go and Mr. Murphy decides to pay me a visit.  Then, it either rips and I have to scramble to get another one.  Or there are none left.  One the majority of the time, I get one and place it “back and down”.  As I get ready and turn around to sit, Mr. Murphy decides, that the flap will soak up the water quickly and get pulled into the toilet.  So, again I scramble to get position another seat cover before I go…you get the picture.  When all is said and done, whenI flush, the cover does bye bye. 


Recently, for no apparent reason I decided I would orient the seat “front and down”.  This seemed for me to make sense because you will have toilets that are “U” shape as in it does not connect at the front (why a “U”? Another question for the future).  The flap seems to fit into the open part of the seat and hold it securely.  Although, that does not mean, it will not fall into the toilet.  When I flush, same result, it goes bye bye with the poo poo.  


According to Tylt and their survey the flap in the back wins out, wikiHow and other websites like LifeHacker,, goes with the flap in the front.  There is a video in the LifeHacker link that suggests the correct way to use the seat cover is flap in the front because it covers the seat therefore a fit.  There was also another video where Amanda Leblanc, a professional organizer, is a guest on the Steve Harvey show, but unfortunately the video did not work so I hunted down the YouTube video,


In this video, she shows Steve and the audience that people have been place the seat cover with the flap back and down.  She explains that the correct placement is in fact with the flap front and down.  In this front and down position, the seat cover sits over the entire seat, and it does not fall into the toilet.  


In my limited time searching the World Wide Web, for answers that would unlock the wonder mystery of the  toilet seat cover orientation, I was not alone.  Yes, that is right I am not alone!  Before writing this article I did not realize questions about toilet seat cover placement was a thing.  Just glad I was not the only one confused by the toilet seat cover.  In the end, front or back, if it works let it be, but the experts who have touched on this subject have spoken.  Also, you do not know where people’s tusks have been.  Be clean be sanitary.  


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