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On A Bad Day, Turn It A Good (Or So-So) One

Yesterday was crazy.  I woke up at 4 AM to get a jump on the day.  That sure helped a lot because if cannot imagine what my day would have been like if I had not done that.  However, my day turned out to be rather productive and by around mid-morning, I began to turn things around.   Me waking up at 4 in the morning is rare now.  I've done that since high school - zero period and jogging, work in college and I just got used to it.  Now, 5:30 or so is more typical.  My plan yesterday was to get some simple tasks done so I can get a jump on a jog and my own projects.  I was able to do all that and I figured I would have time for some downtime as well.   But that did not happen.   Emails upon emails.  Calls upon calls.  Reports.  Requests.  A flurry of work related stuff flooded in within an hour.  I admit I was sort of flustered from about eight through ten yesterday morning.  That has not happened for a while.  I generally prep ahead of time so avoid things like this - anticipate th
        UV-C portable sanitizer.       Let there be light! Well, let there be UV-C light!  In light (no pun intended), of the current pandemic, I want to revisit something that I have looked into, well, mostly my wife, UV light to disinfect drinking water.  The purpose of purchasing such an item was to add it to our earthquake kit.  It is similar to the steripen sold at REI.  I have not checked our earthquake kit but it probably might be the same steripen pictured below. Now, UV-C sanitizers come in various sizes, power, and claims.  So, with the pandemic hitting us, I an only assume that companies are taking advantage by flooding the market with their UV-C sanitizing products.  They all claim to work, but how do we know it works?  Are the light bulbs even emitting UV-C?  As humans we cannot see UV light, further more, UV-C is dangerous to our biology.  So, what that means is we cannot stare at the light, nor even expose our skins to the light.  The claims that companies make about the