You Only Need A Couple of Hours A Day To Be Successful - Coding or Anything You Want to Master

 I'm listening to a podcast from - they walked about micro successes that help build up to when you are ready to work.  

Now, if you're like me, you have a regular job.  

With my writing, I write a little here and there.  I steal minutes through the day to do what I can.  It's not ideal.  But sometimes, it is all I have.  And I try to make the most of it.

For the last three weeks, I have been doing something that I should have done years ago.  It turned out that I have managed to put in an hour’s worth of it every day.  Imagine if I keep this up for the last five years.  At the rate of an hour a day and not including weekends when I am able to spend more time on it, it comes out to be about 1,800 hours.  

I’m talking about coding.  I started with Swift and now I’m onto Python as well.  I found Python to be easier but about a week ago, I started up using Playgrounds on the iPad, Apple’s app to teach the fundamentals of coding to children and even adults via a game.  And I’m very happy with my progress.  My goal to create a decent working app for myself in 30 days from now.

The trick here, which is really no trick at all, was that I sat down and worked on it.  And each day, I stole a block of time to do just that.  I’m petty confident that I can do that.  And I’m hoping that I have an app in the App Store by November, in time for the Holidays rush of new iPhone and iPad users.  I’m also hoping to have something set up for work using Python to sort and analyze data for work around the same time.

To be able to do that by then, I’ll consider myself to have decently obtained a new skill.  I definitely would not say I would have coding mastered.  As far as I know, it’s not possible to do that, not at this stage of my life but I want to be proficient at it.  I’m very confident I can do this and if you also try it, I mean really try doing what I’m doing, I’m sure you can as well.

Take baby steps.  In my next post, I’m going to go into the process I have taken so far that I also think can be applied to other aspects of life.


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