Swift - Progress, Pitfalls, and Plowing On

The lessons in Swift development is from an app called Code Swift on iOS and iPadOS.  The updates is part of my goal to eventually build robots and get into artificial intelligence.  The road map that I have laid out is to use what tools are available to me to achieve this goal.  

If you're interested in learning a new skill, please use these updates as a means to also follow along so you can see how I've progressed and I hope that it'll give you inspiration to move forward on yours.

Lesson two still not too difficult but I can honestly tell you that I would not be able to explain to you why I would enter certain codes or symbols. I'm told that there is a structure to programming.  I don't know if I'll never know why I am using this syntax or typing things a certain way.  For now, it's just enough that I follow along and gain proficiency in doing it.

I do think the app lacks, at least for me, the definition and explanation i.e. If, If else statements. 

I have finished lesson three but would probably have to revisit lessons one and two to perhaps fully grasp the lessons. 

But if you are like me a complete newbie, you might have to do it the hard way. Remember how I was saying that it was not too difficult. You can probably complete 5 of twenty six lessons. So unless you going over the five lessons, you might retain more understand new lessons. Hopefully that makes sense. 

The other way is to simply take notes or copy some of the instructions and results from each  individual modules. 

I had to it this way because I would work in each lesson when I have a few minutes if down time at work. So, just from that, I did not dedicate my entire attention to each lesson. It's micro learning.  I have to go back and review past lessons.  

I do feel that this program would best benefit those folks that perhaps took a quarter or semester in coding. Code swift would be a great refresher course for those folks. That is not to say that for someone completely new to programming, and I am a novice, the app also provides a starting point.

If you're on the iPad, I suggest you also give Apple's Playgrounds a try.  I'll be providing my progress in that as well.

But for now, I am moving forward.  It's more than what I know yesterday.  More than what I know last week.


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