Amazon Boxes To Transform Into More Useful Forms - Condos and Starships

Source:  CNET.

Nearly every household in America has one of those brown boxes with an Amazon smiley logo.  And they come in different sizes.  Some are useful. Some are not.  Amazon will not do something about that with their "less packaging, more smiles" program to turn these boxes into more interesting and fun uses.

Some of these boxes are reused.  Repackaging, returning items, or just storing items for moving.  Now, Amazon wants to turn these boxes into housing for cats or help spur a child's imagination by turning into a space ship.

Amazon's website for  has a variety of ideas.  Spaceships, robots, housing for pets, or even one's own fortress of solitude assuming there are enough boxes.

What other builds can the wall of boxes in every household's living room be turned into?  Tables?  Definitely.  Amazon should start a new contest or Instagram feed on how people use their packaging materials creatively.


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