Green: British Consumers Could See Lower Electric Bills By Mid-2020s As Wind Farms Produce Cheaper Power

Source:  SciTechDaily.

To some, wind farms are eye sores to the point that a former liberal US senator who championed renewable energy does not want them near his vacation home.  However, wind power is a growing source of energy for Britain.  And soon, British energy bills could start going down as it becomes more cost effective and cheaper to produce power using wind than traditional fossil-fueled power stations.  

By mid-2020s, instead of getting government subsidies to offset the cost of setting up wind turbines, these wind farms (sorry, Senator Kennedy) will not only need no help from the government but they will start lowering electric bills to the average British consumers.

It's like that other countries that have invested a lot of sources and encourage green power generation will also soon reap the benefits of their decades long investment.  

The SciTechDaily article is based on a study from the Imperial College London that studied the price of electricity.  Summarizing even further, if the price of electricity produced by the wind operators is less than the wholesale price, then they would pay the government which would further pass the savings to the consumers.  

The rapidly dropping cost of building wind farms has also help with the push to meet carbon emission goals.  But if the lower profit is of any concern, wind power continues to grow as demand for cheaper and cleaner electricityhas continue to increase.  Furthermore, wind farms may also begin to harness hydrogen which would also help expand the use of cleaner power.

This study further points out that Britain will be the first negative-subsidy wind country whereas other wind countries like Germany have only reached the zero-subsidy point.  

Where is the US in all this?  Well...


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