Growth From Within: Learning A New Skill

With much of the state in lockdown during April and May, it was a time for self-discovery.  There was some of that but much of that time was squandered.  Well, not really.  Some of the time.  So I wanted to make sure that does not happen going forward.

Here will be a series of posts about what we are doing here at Poopy Pond to begin anew topics that help ourselves, and hoping you as well, that will move us forward.  Some of the articles are about sustainable living.  Others are about looking inward and growing from within - knowledge and physical and metal health.

We recently started working on learning coding.  That is a segment of our future.  Since we are beginners here, you are welcome to join us if you want to use this opportunity to also learn this new and much needed skill.  Did i also mention that being able to program is a highly valued skill in the market, whether it is for a future side-gig or to find a new job?

Okay, so here we go.  The title of each blog will be easy to search so that you can track our progress and I hope that you'll be willing to share yours as well.

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