Visors, Masks Being Printed on 3D Printers for Doctors and Nurses Amid The Pandemic

Source: NPRFacebook, 3DVerkstan.

“One Way to Help Strapped Hospitals? Print PPE Using 3D Printers” an article written by Hannah Hagemann from NPR should speak to all of us who. It is an article about the human heart and ingenuity working singularly to lend a helping hand. 

By now we have all heard about the mask and personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages around the nation. We even have officials imploring people to resist buying masks, so that those on our front line in the fight against the COVID-19, doctors and nurses do not have the necessary protection to save our lives.  We do not send our men and women in uniform into war with the best equipments in the world and ample supplies.  Why is this any different for our care providers? 

This article showcases how technology helps us provide the rudimentary needs such as protective equipment for hospital staff and spread the word with a few keystrokes. 

 3D printers have been a very fantastic innovation providing us the ability to make art, toys, office and household items in the comforts of our home. 

This article talks about people 3D printers coming together with a common goal to provide our medical community with “headband like clips”. These clips that are being printed by everyday folks like you and me will have plastic shields attached to them. I would not be doing my part to help if I did not help spread the word and get people with the ability to help. Here are links if you are willing and have the ability to help in this endeavor. The links above will help those with 3D printers who want to help get started.

Don’t be surprise if the current pandemic starts a new social trend where each home will soon have its own 3D printer to churn out daily necessities and perhaps even help a community effort when called up.  The first steps to those replicators on Star Trek?

Okay, that’s a stretch.  Fine.  But one can dream and imagine the possibilities.  Even with just consumer printers. 

“Tea.  Earl Gray.  Hot.  Anyone?”


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